Residential Expertise


eRealty Title has immeasurable experience when handling residential real estate transactions, from contract to closing, and can help facilitate the process. We have fostered open communications with attorneys, realtors and loan officers, which aids these professionals greatly, especially when questions arise right before a closing or during complex transactions. eRealty’s prompt attention to handling all matters quickly and efficiently demonstrates just how much we emphasize service.

We work with a growing network of attorneys, loan officers and developers who depend upon eRealty to ensure a smooth closing on their transactions. Our team of experts handles all facets of the residential real estate closings in its entirety and includes a scope of services encompassing owners and mortgage policies, leasehold policies, condominiums and co-ops, in addition to a wide array of non-insured title searches. As with every assignment eRealty expedites, all reports are carefully researched, prepared and reviewed by our hands-on, knowledgeable staff.

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